Welcome to the HydroPop Research Map!

HydroPop is a participatory research program launched in 2017. Its objective is to better understand the droughts and water resource management during this period while informing the population about the low water level on the Cevennes Gardons.

This map platform allows you to find out more about:

  • Monitoring of the flows of 10 measurement stations dedicated to low water monitoring
  • Of participatory monitoring of water depth on 2 scales
  • Monitoring of the 4 GraviSec scales, drought severity scales
  • Of local observations on the watershed (presence of algae, dry river)



How to contribute?

During a walk or a swim, you can transmit localized information about the presence of algae, dry rivers, dams or any other informations via this form !

Several water level scales have been installed on the study area, you can fill in the value read Here

Be careful during your observations, make sure that you are in low water conditions (low speed and low water level), prefer observations out of water and in any case be vigilant to the access of the course of water that can be difficult (steep, slippery, muddy, ..). Do not take risks!
At the end of the summer season, a summary of contributions will be published.

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